Senator Uba Sani's Manifesto

Senator Uba Sani campaigned on a legislative agenda and he intends to implement it to the best of his ability. To do so, he intends to hire a competent team of lawyers, lobbyists and policy experts to aide him in implementing, engaging and disseminating information to his constituency.

The Manifesto is not an exclusive document. It deliberately aligns with the Economic Growth & Recovery Plan of the Buhari administration and the Kaduna Restoration Plan of the El-Rufai administration. The Manifesto captures the need for legislative and executive synergy in order to provide essential services to the public. There is no doubt that it is a constitutional duty for lawmakers to check the executive. But such checks must be done with patriotic intentions and not sheer ambition.

The Uba Sani Action can be read and downloaded in complete form below.

Senator Uba Sani's Manifesto, please download here

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